Open Season Treasure Hunting

Dive into a world of adventure with the Open Season App. Unlock clues to uncover real treasures waiting to be discovered. Download now to embark on your treasure-hunting journey, decode clues, and claim your bounty with every thrilling find.


The Map

Let’s get treasure hunting! After completing the sign up process, the app will automatically zoom-in to your location. This feature can be changed under your location settings.

The Quest

Tap on any treasure icon to view the search radius and reward value of a treasure. The search radius sets the boundary within which the treasure is concealed. Stay within this boundary as you search.

Stay ahead in the hunt with the 'Favorite Treasure' heart button. Get instant updates on new clues!

The Clues

Swipe through clues, decode their mysteries, and unveil the ultimate location of the coveted treasure.

Download To Start Your Adventure: