Frequently Asked Questions


I found a treasure! How do I claim the prize?

Use the Open Season App to enter the serial number and claim code stamped on the back of the token. You will need to take a photo of the back of the token so we can verify that it has been found. If you have any issues submitting a claim, email us on our contact page with a photo of the back of the token and we'll get back to you shortly!

How long do I have to wait to get the prize?

We're busy at times so please be patient with the claim process. A check, direct deposit or gift card (depending on prize type) will be mailed to you as soon as we validate the claim. We've had issues contacting some users that have made a claim, so if you don't hear back from us after a week send us an email at

Where do I look for hidden treasures?

First and foremost, Open Season tokens are exclusively hidden on public land. Use the app to decipher clues to find where they might be. A search radius is provided to give you a region to search in.

Are there any buried treasures?

Yes, some tokens may be buried. If they are buried, they will be quite shallow (~6”) or under rocks. Please take your time to read up on local regulations on digging on public lands - some areas don’t allow it! Investing in a metal detector or a pin pointer is highly recommended.

Do NOT dig around any graves or cultural artifacts!

Why have favorite treasures? (Heart icon on top right of treasure page)

Just tap the heart icon to add a treasure to your favorites list! This feature allows you to receive notifications when new clues are added to your favorite treasures. You never know if that new clue might give you just what you need to find that treasure!

Where does the prize money come from?

The money that is generated by you (the treasure hunters!) goes right back to paying for the prize money, as well as marketing and advertising so even more treasure hunters are chipping in. Our goal is to build a big enough community to support prizes worth thousands!

My token looks different than some of the tokens I’ve seen in photos. What’s up?

The first “prototype” tokens were created on a CNC mill, so you got in on a really cool part of our start up history. Others are formed through our casting process and vary greatly. No two tokens are alike!

I’m the owner of a business and would like to host a sponsored treasure on the Open Season app. How do we get the ball rolling?

Contact us! We’d love to have a Win-Win treasure hiding experience to get your product advertised on our platform.

I’m totally digging what you guys are doing and want to support the cause, is there any way I can contribute?

Ah yes, friendly Treasure Hunter. Up to this point, us, the creators of Open Season, have funded this project with our own money in an effort to make treasure hunting available to everyone who is interested. Finally! No research vessel or insider information required! Feel free to donate on our Contact Us page or simply just subscribe to Premium!